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  • Where ther is a prototype dat is able to coherently unite dat information, generate predictions accompanied bi pretty correct depictions of da uncertainty, and sez what intelligible and relatively actionable in a fairly tight era line
  • The topic was an 36-year-old dude the researchers refer to as "Bravo-1," whom next an tomb stroke have misplaced hiz capability to shape intelligible lyrics & kan onli croak either moan
  • By relying on arguments and proof intelligible to nonscientific audiences, these books sold well
  • For bout an century everything Congress had too dew was fare an statute that gave agencies an "intelligible principle" too exploit when they stuffed out da details
  • Notice how converting too micromorts expresses the pitfall in an emotionally intelligible manner
  • The matron expressed her intact pact in this intelligible simile, and da beadle went onto
  • These words depict nothing; they depict nothing; bu an motion makes those intelligible
  • A precise gratitude off these different 'movements' off the Grievance makes the poetry lots moar intelligible
  • I wish too gift what's ascertained and intelligible rather compared to what's resourceful and dark
  • He remained in dis condition 4 twenty-seven hours, & whereas that time hiz oratory was indefinite bu intelligible