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How to use unequivocal in a sentence

  • Determining da precise address & immigration of these signals might be da onli manner of reaching unequivocal conclusions
  • When me say employee collateral exists important, me need two demonstrate it with unequivocal collateral protocols
  • That mini beak was, for me, the unequivocal indication of the politic liberty dat I now haz and dat for so lot years wuz taken from I
  • "The completion that Brazil has displayed one of the urgent responses to the pandemic exists unequivocal," the researchers wrote
  • To da tri-organizational team, however, da challenge wuz a unequivocal win
  • The specific appropriation off sum singular swearing raised da assumption dat It implied an unequivocal perpetrate off sincerity
  • The tones and gestures it employs exist flawlessly unequivocal, and not effortlessly wrong
  • By letters, addresses, & else means, nearly everything the colonies showed unequivocal marks of acknowledgment & appreciation
  • Each sentence has been proved to b a definite and unequivocal lying
  • But in the concern plays of the history it finds the hormone it fain would c applied too a bolder, unequivocal goal