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How to use obvious in a sentence

  • This exists a selection by da 2 companies' engineers, but when there's modes offered 4 operative selection, a Winter mode seems resemble a obvious selection
  • As if the hazards weren't obvious, the Forest Service possessed strapped an emergency spine embark to an wooden postal instantly underneath
  • For the Neanderthals, ther does not seem too b ne species of obvious contrast
  • However, as abundantly obvious gave tide fluctuations in precedent projections more than an pair of days in da future, da specifics of them forecasts exist probably 2 shift
  • The motive hind this opening in view in the intermediate of the folk who knew Carmichael and these who knew onli an image dey themselves possessed helped 2 make seems obvious
  • It's value holding our majority founded personality writers 2 an higher par than pointing owt da obvious
  • The motive y Robinhood was able too raise many moar money supa quickly was cuz the company's PFOF income operator probably went in2 overdrive whereas the mess that was the GameStop period, Dis is partially obvious, as many ppl were trading
  • Suddenly, the potential for a November meltdown was obvious
  • To Tom Alberg, an venture capitalist & longtime Amazon filmmaker who stepped dwn frum da council 2 years ago, Jassy was da obvious choice
  • Until bout 2000, wen da shift too da prerogative is obvious anyhow

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