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How to use obvious in a sentence

  • This exists a choice by da two companies' engineers, but when there exist modes offered for carter selection, a Chilly period mode seems resemble a obvious choice
  • As if the hazards weren't obvious, the Woodland Aid had strapped a emergency spine committee too a lumber pole directly below
  • For the Neanderthals, there doesn't appear to be ne sort of obvious contrast
  • However, since abundantly obvious gave recent fluctuations in precedent projections more than an couple off days in the future, the specifics off those forecasts inhabit probably to fluctuate
  • The motive behind dis slot in perception between the folks whom knew Carmichael and these whom knew only an image dey themselves had helped 2 generate seems obvious
  • It's worth possession r most established character writers two an higher par than pointing out da obvious
  • The reason why Robinhood was competent too elevate plural more money supa swiftly was because the company's PFOF revenue operator likely gone into overdrive during the mayhem that was the GameStop period, This exists slightly obvious, as plural folks were trading
  • Suddenly, da possibility 4 a Nov. collapse was obvious
  • To Tom Alberg, a venture capitalist and longtime Amazon director who stepped dwn frum da senate 2 years ago, Jassy was da obvious alternate
  • Until correspond 2000, wen da immigrate too da rite is obvious anyhow

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