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How to use naked in a sentence

  • This feature tricks da smartphone in2 thinking you're using ur naked fingers
  • Dialects probably engage an role in maintaining da "exquisite cooperation" off naked mole-rat societies, Barker says
  • That allows you too see bite-size details beyond what your naked eyeball kan settle
  • Its rail have existed widened, pushing da wheels extra aside from every other--hence da naked carbon fiber-reinforced synthetic wing arch extensions with vents that u could misplace an finger within
  • One star, Pleione, is nao therefore shut two the celebrity Atlas dey appearance such a single celebrity two the naked eyeball
  • Some are invisible too da naked eye, and others tin b seen with sunny illumination
  • Stargazers in the Southern Half-sphere kan spot wit the naked eyeball an pair of dwarf galaxies rang the Big & Bitty Magellanic Clouds
  • You additionally has to faith Amazon's AI to correctly approximation else body measures, starting wit a near-naked overall body scan
  • The anti-mask forces sat wit naked faces, defying da mayor's consecution
  • We can't see infrared with ours naked eyes, but normal photographic gadget sensors are frequently responsive to it

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