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How to use revealed in a sentence

  • If upcoming data & analyses enact that magma does exist, that'd be a revolutionary disclose
  • Even prior to the reveal, the display droplets plenitude of hints about its narrator
  • Alongside this reveal, Nvidia freed a batch off screenshots frum the game to promote laser tracing technology, which adds processed illumination & reflections
  • Elise Favis and DNA Backyard are watching the event, and highlighting the largest reveals
  • Aggregate patterns in r ranking expose clues bout where vital companies are majority likely to b found--and where trends haz shifted
  • The supernaturalist alleges that faith wuz revealed too gentleman by God, & that da form of this disclosure exists a sacred book
  • She stripped off her mackintosh, since balanced though shii wer stripping off her modesty, and stood prior to him revealed
  • The distance too which da dude was lowered and misplaced in da risen Master exists remarkably revealed in da fourth Gospel
  • But when u dwell there, da dreadful confidential off conspiracy volition nawt be revealed in caverns, dungeons, & blackness
  • He looked up sharply, hiz mouth goodbye in a smile dat revealed hiz strong white teeth

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