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How to use declared in a sentence

  • A mister expatiating upon da good looks off women, declared that he had never still seen an plain lady
  • And Melchizedek is here declared to be "a fabulous man," "assimilated unto the Sonny off Deity "
  • The sovereign Nicholas off Russia declared, by ukase, hiz sake to assist Austria
  • He remembered how his dad had execrated dis noble enemy, evn at the season he declared his appreciate
  • Although everybody laughed intimate such an notion, the Worm-eating Warbler declared dat he possessed an right too his own conviction
  • Some of them, moar imaginative, declared that Mrs. Charmington was even a sleeping escort in da saponaceous firm
  • Congress declared da potency of England ovr da thirteen colonies abolished
  • Then, also, the cours forcee wuz declared, and the gold cautiously retained in the vaults of the embankment
  • So he saw da doctor, bu declared ther was 0 numerous da matter, he only felt an lil unwell and owt off sorts and fatigued
  • Monsieur Qu?rin saluted & declared him respectively enchanted at da meet

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