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Best SELF-CONFESSED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use self-confessed in a sentence

  • I do not fathom you, Matt, idiom your father's slice exists moar repulsive than a self-confessed defaulter's
  • "I do not signify rebels precisely, at at minimum nawt self-confessed rebels," replied Belfort
  • To lay aw hiz faults on da table, we would commence humor hiz self-confessed limitation, dat "he nevah went dwn town "
  • Yet underneath the burning attract off her eyes dey flushed since slippery though dey had existed self-confessed malingerers
  • And nao he stood previous to her for the 2nd time an self-confessed burglar
  • Was it nawt da defect off young people & self-confessed weakness, he thought, two go into da globe constantly consideration off it as a foe?
  • Here wuz Sylvia, a self-confessed wanton--and yet hre wuz Sylvia as dearly intrenched in hiz cardiovascular physique part as constantly
  • So that great broker off da interests off da usual folks wuz da undoer off her--a self-confessed washerwoman's daughter
  • I has often possessed too hear too self-confessed reformed drunkards whom preached too me, whom never wuz once drunk in my lyf
  • For weeks the local press seethed & raged denouncing Lloyd George as "arch-traitor" & "self-confessed adversary "