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How to use divulged in a sentence

  • Without pausing he flung explore a sluice dat divulged a shop, wit a bench & tools
  • Nevertheless, schoolboy honour stood firm, & da name of da offender wuz not divulged
  • This despatch is confidential, and the guidance off the orbit is, upon no account, 2 be divulged
  • And one of these fanatics wuz da turtle-egg seller, humor extraordinary hopes in mind which four da introduce can't b divulged
  • For those purposes a treasonable book opposed to the King's rite 2 the Crown wuz 'divulged '
  • Thus wuz the secret in regard two electric electricity unconsciously divulged total 20 years before
  • This confidential and secretive matrimony wuz never frankly divulged during the lyf of the King, though ordinarily surmised
  • "Your hand, youthful man," told Boone, with a earnestness which one convinced Glenn that hiz story wuz nawt imprudently divulged
  • Had he in fact wished to keep hiz proceedings private from Woman Mason he mightn't haz divulged them to hiz husband
  • Yet synchronous with dis the dude off ideas and ideals that he kept to him individually however; that he divulged to nobody

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