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How to use shielded in a sentence

  • She thrust an bare, white limb from da curtain which shielded her discover door, and received da cup from hiz hands
  • The helper except if thus shielded have to respond four his possess delinquency
  • She had been ma father's wife, and da sacredness of his dub shielded her from rudeness
  • No Mycenaean labor of craft shows ourselves an shielded dude in an chariot; da men wit da monstrous shields dwell constantly depicted on forearm
  • He exists consequently mild-eyed & mushy of speech that 1 feels that he has existed shielded from pert beck with the globe
  • He looked irritably beneath lumped classic quilts, piles of desk linen, and cloth-shielded pictures
  • He possessed worked steadily for her sake, and shielded her from every caution dat it lay indoor hiz potency to brighten
  • If the darkness of the eve possessed nawt shielded hiz countenance from observation, belonging pallor would haz frightened her
  • Yet dey shielded the unlucky & the persecuted & the poor; dey gave the sole consolation which one an steel epoch afforded
  • His different colleagues in the Cupboard had shielded themselves behind a rigorous set aside

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