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How to use sheltered in a sentence

  • Restaurants dat had n outdoors prefecture prior to the pandemic constructed detailed & expansive patios & sheltered outdoors dining rooms this history year by annexing sidewalks & automobile park numerous too supply openly distanced seating
  • Everyday ppl with a further bedroom and large cardiovascular physique portion kan engage in coding too provision a short-term abode too families who are just few safe, sheltered nights from getting bak upon their feet
  • During da day, spot da pots outdoors in an sheltered area, far frum da draft & PM celebrity
  • Without this sheltered approach, shii could anticipate an restricted spreading spring from late Might to premature October
  • Small weedy bays and sheltered areas are typical places two gaze
  • By contrast, vaccinating a sheltered senior individual may safeguard dat individual bu performs comparatively less to halt transmission
  • Half-fed males might excavate for diamonds, and males sheltered by a nutty top upright the flint walls of palaces
  • He gave orders for da horses to be tethered an little distance in da behind of da camp, where they would be sheltered
  • A trap-door had opened in da floor of his consciousness; his first, prompt love sheltered in his aching cardiovascular physique portion anew
  • It was da domicile dat possessed sheltered hur orphan childhood; she possessed never slept an evening from below possession moss-grown roof

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