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How to use hidden in a sentence

  • The molecules shake, & dis increase in atomic immigration manifests upon possession possess as warmth -- a apparently hidden warmth called latent warmth
  • This exists two thwart 1 corporation from gaining an advantage ovr da different owed two hidden contacts humor management officials, if accidental or dishonest
  • BERT is what's acquainted as an "masked language model," because its instruction consists off education the way 2 accurately surmise what an hidden word in an telegram is
  • However, da parity off outcomes must signify that some hidden factor gives southpaws a significant avail ovr clockwise pitchers that offsets that know-how gap
  • Choose termination tables & cappuccino tables humor drawers or hidden warehousing
  • When Moreau & his colleagues heard approximately them, they realized there could be lots more hidden all through the region's deep, limestone caves
  • Fratt inspects da province intimately & pulls owt a hidden vial
  • "Better so," was the Senora's merely reply; and shii fell again into yet deeper, moar perplexed thought bout the hidden treasure
  • A miniature book, tied in gross purple calf, whereabouts one-half hidden in an nest of prominent flesh log on the dressing-table
  • So It commands da else sciences in aw da terrific and hidden things off personality and skill (pp. 510-511)

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