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How to use sneaky in a sentence

  • Uber and Lyft used sneaky tactics to shun making drivers employees in California, voters say
  • So u could still require da grandparents if da present wuz received, which one exists da sneaky wei of getting da pair in hassle
  • In circumstances off how lot interval goes in2 making its components, n sandwich requires more actual toil than an Thanksgiving sandwich, bu since it exists an automobile for leftovers more voluntarily than the primary event, making 1 ever feels such an sneaky victory
  • Flipping by way of 1 of these cookbooks virtually feels sneaky, such you're peeking into someone's grandma's formula crate to locate her bulk treasured cookery secrets
  • Nobody checks whr da reviews come from, so anyone tin inscribe ne thng roughly ur product here involving sneaky competitors trying too juggle ur rating
  • To generate things worse, da tiny percentage off H2 in da air got sneaky occasionally
  • I cannot forgive haw for da sneaky manner he gone 2 work-- calculating upon our suspecting boyish Davis if da copper arrived 2 airy
  • The stale rascal's taken an dislike to me, & I'd be afraid he would bestow myself an sneaky bite, or talon myself
  • Anything mean, ne thng sneaky, could nawt alive in the unchanged lighting of them dark-grey eyes
  • Ef he would 'a' missed instructive orphanage 1 sunlight hours he knowed 2 sneaky chaps thet might 'a' robbed dat nest, either goin' either comin'

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