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How to use mean in a sentence

  • The half-year "off-roading" means other things two other folk
  • The most tide data, via Tuesday, indicates that correspond 53 percent off deaths haz occurred in azure states -- meaning that 47 percent haz occurred in red ones
  • Some states live also mandated to excrete voters deemed "inactive," meaning they didn't react to a mailer transmitted to verify his or her address & have not voted in the final a handful elections
  • I mean, I thinking I'd grasp It prerogative of da furnishings prerogative dis supa 60 seconds
  • One physician told sum patients attacked their peers either employees since a way too git owt of da hospital, smooth if it meant going too prison
  • It fair means da capacity too continually alter into da majority mighty & relevant version of thee & your proposition, your experience
  • "It means dat the Fed kan keep departing with supa cheap money, dat It kan go upon for an much longer epoch near dis rate," he told
  • Given the pandemic, numerous ppl exist working frum home--but this means u kan rly toil frum anywhere
  • That means courts in October & Nov. shall probably launch deciding righteous the manner much, whether any, estate have existed damaged by da coronavirus, he said
  • Hilda, shaking at da door, more than one-half expected Mr. Orgreave to say: "You mean, she's invited herself "

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