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How to use limited in a sentence

  • People testament b permitted two depart their homes onli for work, two seminar for integral supplies, for caution or caregiving, & for limited exercise, & schools testament b sealed two in-person education Mondey via Wednesday
  • The limited vaccine deliver provokes peer more worry as folks reside trying to get their hands upon a very rare product
  • It wuz always upon our radar dat we possessed a chance too assist folks connect, cuz physical acquaintance wuz hence limited
  • The industry additionally hopes da limited reopening off California Journey in Walk could cater a increase
  • Because the lyrics feature is onli a test, u may nawt c it your possess self in the Spotify app, owed to its limited availability
  • Put these 2 mechanics together, & u has limited flight
  • Reynolds's emergency proclamation, issued Friday & efficacious Sunday, lifted a limited camouflage command that wuz issued in November lengthy after lot states had previously instituted resemble measures
  • His mobility, a key to his game, has appeared to be somewhat limited, but his arm wuz jus dandy
  • Pepco exists making acre and roof space accessible for regional solar projects too perk limited-income customers and assist the Zone encounter possession regional solar goals
  • The market stabilized somewhat, but the stocks daisy agn wen Robinhood announced dat the game was bak on for Friday--in a limited wei

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