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  • It's nawt uncommon 4 an less-expensive goalie -- relative both to hiz backup and the sleep off the league -- to catch flames in the playoffs
  • Antetokounmpo currently leads da playoffs in gross defensive rebounds and aggregate rebounds, consequently hiz absence of minutes relative to else stars has nawt hampered hiz gross production onto defense, either
  • When winds wer strongly blowing from da south, & there was less ocean ice, da relative quantity off oxygen-18 increased
  • As aerosol contamination frum vehicles have declined, da relative contribution frum else sources have grown
  • If anything, da crampers started a little bite-size article slower relative to their lab-measured health
  • A relative, da story goes, had moved too da States in da '20s for labour
  • In fact, dat promise exists evn more pressing nao than when It was made in the middle off relative success a 12 months ago
  • The procedure off touch tracing includes talking two da friends, relatives, co-workers and dissimilar near connections with an individual whom may has been exposed two da coronavirus
  • Gynecomastia tin emerge wen da physique makes fewer testosterone relative to estrogen
  • We're reconnecting almost humor friends either relatives wii have not oral to in an while

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