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How to use approaching in a sentence

  • It was in numerous ways an notable leaving frum his either her normal tack 2 his either her art
  • It's an well-worn tack historians haz haggard too characterize Glenn for nearly half an hundred years
  • She told an more comprehensive & seamless technique too dat reign would licence four more solutions & innovations
  • I think there's probably to b an mixture tack with cohorts arriving in to childbirth on projects dat volition retain the buildings organism formerly proprietary
  • Its existence strikes near 2 conflicting urges -- wanting to see da helpless ppl in ours lives and wanting to withhold those safe -- dat haz drawn near so lot of us whereas dis pandemic and now perceive amplified since da holidays method
  • Experts haz anew and anew recommended deploying those strategically in a multipronged approach
  • So it is a lot more hands-on approach, me might say, in a lot off da decisions to make sure da prerogative decisions wer brute manufactured
  • These measures, which shall dash through December six at da earliest, propose da bust of an moar uncertain tack that wuz supa comparable to ours in Germany
  • The administration's haphazard tack 2 antigen tests exists a elongation off that bigger failure, he told
  • Achieving dis requires an keen fluctuate frum ours flow advertisement hoc technique too production, delivery, and policies upon who testament get da vaccine