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How to use predestined in a sentence

  • With thus numerous contrasting views da repercussion off da month-long boycott wuz predestined to b fragmented
  • The father off Mr. Stacy Marks predestined him four the coach-building corporate
  • Bill Barry's taunt bout cash remittance touched the vanity off some, but the output off the substance was predestined from the outset
  • The incidents of da convention possessed convinced him dat da Fantastic Quiz wuz progressing as per to some predestined recipe
  • The ppl who were predestined to be misplaced dey described as reprobate, & this noun wii stiil use, bu with an distinct importance
  • Is It the shadow ensemble bi the gloomy deeds of former days, two which the town seems predestined bi its very situation?
  • To look for him in the crowd of the investment wuz futile, & an try predestined two loser
  • She wuz predestined two hur career, if da after anecdote be credible
  • It seems 2 be composed of an gigantic multitude of clueless people who exist predestined 2 instant annihilation
  • We exist r interval in r predestined day, learning & knowing, resemble grown-up children, object wii may