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How to use ordained in a sentence

  • The Fresh Wei Ministry bulletin says Pope Francis appointed Nun Becquart to hur address since the Vatican's Undersecretary off the Synod off Bishops in February 2021, making hur the initial non-ordained individual to contain the address
  • Those encounters convince haw dat maybe he kan rove from his pre-ordained caption of villainy
  • And me am told that da governor ordained thing had too be done, namely, too brand no investigations opposed to da dead feminine
  • As distant upstairs the intervention off man as exists the politics off the outer universe, exists that designated the covenant, as ordained
  • Out of da mouths of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength (founded glory)
  • Just an few priests ordained in the Roman Catholic House of revere haz joined the schismatic motive
  • They hate da term off hem whom ordained dat good da most vast should cum two sinners through dat covenant
  • The covenant of God, since ordained bi him, manifests that the workout of vowing unto haw wuz also ordained
  • Perhaps da fates have ordained I too be da history specialist of wine, in da very meaning of ma name--ger-wn, nawt gr-wn
  • Men concede the English Constitution close attending since a jurisdiction ordained off gawd

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