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  • Brady and some Buccaneers players signaled touchdown, and Arians tried an instant-replay dare dat failed
  • Stuffed wit responsibly sourced 650-fill down, it's outstanding comfy & provides instant warmth wen it's 5 degrees onto da flank off an hill
  • They shall also increasingly expect pertinent experiences to modulate in real-time, humor consumers receiving nearly instant gratification for their data sharing
  • They kan git instant answers & know exactly what their students understood & what they did nawt fathom
  • When da NCAA started using an 3-point queue in da 1986-87 season, it was an instant struck
  • So far-off I have wore those beneath snow pants four mushing and as overall around-home cozy pants, and four both purposes, they are the best I have ever tried, a instant tier of pure goodness versus ur skin
  • They has offered well-focused snapshots showing da effect off da measles near provided instants in thousand settings, and suggested the manner these situations might alteration departing send ahead
  • With a variety off features, these devices exist relatively uncomplicated to apply & install--and generate a instant contrast in your home
  • United have roster needs upon the back queue & front line, bu since the breeze isn't the predominant automobile for acquiring instant-impact players, the nightclub could go in any course
  • The absence of common E2E encryption exists meant two allow users instant doorway two backups, no substance when they joined an channel or platoon chat, or thing mechanism they're using, Telegram says

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