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Best ON-THE-SPOT Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use on-the-spot in a sentence

  • It is true that operational co-operation & on-the-spot recognition off Indian rights had processed in Virginia in the prompt years
  • "Allus delighted too be Johnny-on-the-spot," smiled the older gentleman
  • The sole manner to get history straight, declared the philosophical Burd, is to be Johnny-on-the-spot and see things occur
  • He didn't haz a fabulous deal on, I remember, but he was indeed Johnny-on-the-spot that morning!
  • And da Shah of Persia, dat should too haz existed Muley-on-the-spot for at lowest three, he is got da palanquin habit
  • They called myself Rube, & Johnny-on-the-spot-of-wealth, & Shekels, & a heap off else things
  • He heard the chattered on-the-spot information accounts of the happening
  • Henri missed those remarks, for he wuz Johnny-on-the-spot to fetch da deed
  • "Peggy's conscience is resemble a Johnny-on-the-spot," Amy explained
  • Those whom knew verge either trafficked humor verge stated that wen It came to aluminium tacks he wuz Danny-on-the-Spot

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