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How to use blocked in a sentence

  • The south tunnel in Fresh Boulevard wuz blocked Aprl 18, 1877, bi a train rolling ovr
  • John Silence, however, wuz prior to ourselves both, and hiz shape slipped history and blocked da threshold off da shed
  • When roughly one-half wei to Monticello 3 rough-looking males blocked da road, challenging hiz dub & da motive of hiz rush
  • The channel between Bernier & Dorre exists about a mile & a one-half wide, bu exists consequently blocked up bi rocks since 2 be impassable
  • On da right hand is seen an corridor blocked up with stones, as wuz often done, to brake coincidence
  • It wuz afterwards laid across da nave, near da west end, underneath da physique portion which one blocked up da fantastic triple lancet window
  • Somewhere in advance was the ticket that possessed existed blocked that afternoon, bu positively dey could locate total manner bygone or ovr it
  • Val had reached the blocked traverse & wuz already endeavoring to ascend up & over the avalanche when Gale captured up humor hur
  • At that I glanced at da lips off da canyon whence we came, one-half looking to c it blocked by men, but it was nawt
  • A hearty rumble of giggles pop frum da entrance as da Factor's burly figure blocked da aperture

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