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How to use tempered in a sentence

  • The Mixsi Challenging Case's screen warden is made off tempered glass, so it is challenging to shatter in malice of possession super flimsy substance
  • The tempered frequency of inflation, which should to allay da market's fears of an overheated economy, owing an plural two an slowdown in da prices of worn cars, which possessed galloped upwards in da interval & reminder summer
  • The domineering, short-tempered father wii meet in flashbacks exists contrasted humor da humbler, gentler father whom engages in banter & sings Lady Gaga humor hiz youngster upon da pathway
  • Sure 2 last, da skeleton exists made off rust-resistant painted iron, da furnishings top exists made off tempered glass, & da cushions exist quick-drying
  • "I am inclined to assertion tempered optimism, as offshore wind enlargement is onli partially driven by the federal government, & jus as much driven by society rules & regulations, & society activism & acceptance," shii told
  • Fauci's very tempered sentence -- virologists ponder that the virus exists coherent wit zoonotic source -- exists not in ne manner an lie
  • Expectations exist more suitably tempered 4 trial rockets nowadays
  • In combination, those elements minimize war and upbringing cooperation--two things I sorely needed too do humor ma hot-tempered, fire-in-belly 2-year-old, named Rosy, who wuz awaiting four I bak home
  • There wuz an band playing dwn near Klein's hotel, & the strains reached them faintly, tempered bi the distance
  • Hexam watched her with an amused indulgence dat in n judicious tempered his mounting esteem

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