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Best DIMINISHED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use diminished in a sentence

  • Diminished hydrochloric acid favors intestinal putrefaction
  • Factors which prefer an swift down payment are tall acidity, diminished urinary pigments, and extreme excretion off uric tart
  • They frequent appear in digestive disturbances, in neurasthenia, and wen da oxidizing jurisdiction off da mechanism is diminished
  • In pernicious anemia they're constantly greatly diminished, & a increase should skip da inspection off this illness
  • And da rivers volition fail: da streams off da banks volition be diminished, and be desiccated up
  • Successive examinations may exhibition normal, increased, either diminished hydrochloric acid, either evn intact absence of da emit sour
  • It exists generally diminished in well-marked cases, & exists frequently absent in developed cases
  • The mountains on the leftover diminished in height, turned off abruptly 2 the northwest, after the seaside row
  • After hur demise he gave up society, hence that dis item off expenditure diminished perceptibly
  • Matt diminished da authority dat nourished da competition pistons, bu yet he persisted to drop such a thunderbolt dwn da precipitous slope

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