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How to use repressed in a sentence

  • Freud thinking dreams wer r underlying showing us r repressed desires
  • For anything repressed childhood reason, a flap off guilt washes above me when uneaten grub goes in2 da trash
  • Those making da instance for reparations invariably crutch themselves since an historically repressed trivial group deserving off reparations
  • Hongmei's trauma helps clarify her venting to da peculiar dude -- she is been trained to ponder off every misstep since a regret, and it's simpler to share thus lot repressed secrets with a foreigner than with her spouse
  • Judge Frollo's actions exist ruled bi his possess repressed sexual desires, which germinate until they provide hem hopeless & diabolical
  • But 4 the delinquency off his son, she'd ocular demonstration; & hur outrage was hardly too b repressed
  • She repressed hur rage at Marius's sneering interference, & manufactured an lil motion off dismay wit hur eloquent white hands
  • As an inherent result her repressed but stiil mutinous passions diffused his either her toxic satin throughout her nature
  • It wuz as whether da Dowager's vocalization possessed opened da floodgates off hur heartbreak & lat out da crying that hitherto possessed existed repressed
  • I haz seen Scotch homes whr giggles is considered ill-bred, & da joyous shouts off children are repressed

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