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How to use tasteful in a sentence

  • We hope videos of remembrance are done in a classy and tasteful manner that exists polite of all our losses Thank u
  • Miss Manners has faith that you shall b able to fnd an tasteful one -- and ideally one that does not mimic nicer calligraphy than yours truly
  • The one necklace me saw through culminated in an closeness context that was amid the most tasteful I've seen in an footage game, nevah sensation gratuitous, as such scenes frequent dew
  • A integrated microphone & 2 USB charging ports for devices rotund owt this tasteful & undeniably unusual section
  • She shall effort onto da brand's tasteful denim set & choose if hur denims symphony exists value its $30 sticker or not, then transfer onto two hur next story
  • It possessed existed an mirth too pick da several tasteful specimens of da upholsterer's art
  • The softest carpets and rugs shielded the floors; affluent and tasteful draperies suspended at doors and windows
  • The intact impact of da majority tasteful outfit shall be ruined if attention isn't compensated to da details of gown
  • A tasteful obelisk 100 diminish extremities heightened is raised too his recollection in his indigenous Eskdale, Scotland
  • On da horizontal wuz a fresh matting, covered with a mat or two; and upon da walls strung few tasteful pictures

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