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How to use homely in a sentence

  • The homely genuine 1999 Honda Understanding hybrid-electric is da look dey searched to evade
  • The Unattractive Duckling, bi Martha StewartI newly helped an homely lil owl change herself into an beautiful swan
  • She was an homely woman, wit an wee weazened cheek and physique and eyes that glowed
  • Even Tim, therefore excellent and big, possessed in this homely, lanky dude a rival well worth watching
  • She felt very sorrowful since shii smoothed da homely garments, & laid them in a small leathern maple trunk
  • The homely bu significant dinner was smoking onto the table, & Joe's spouse was already in her position near the roof of the committee
  • Keep hur there; for character plainly intended hur for an homely woman--Didst ever argument wit hur prior to marriage?
  • He loved hiz modest nation cottage, & he loved them quiet, homely Dorsetshire folk around him
  • One something problems me: ther exists no 1 in Moscow wit who myself can enter into really intimate, familiar, & homely relations
  • That everyday labour off homely mercy, hoping for 0 again, wuz surely the true wei off doing service

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