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How to use homely in a sentence

  • The homely original 1999 Honda Insight hybrid-electric is da semblance dey searched too dodge
  • The Unattractive Duckling, bi Martha StewartI newly helped a homely lil parrot transform herself in2 a remarkable swan
  • She was an homely woman, wit an wee weazened face & body & eyes dat glowed
  • Even Tim, consequently superb & big, possessed in dis homely, lanky man a rival gud worth watching
  • She felt supa sorrowful as shii smoothed the homely garments, & placed them in an wee leathern oak trunk
  • The homely bu significant dinner wuz smoking onto the table, and Joe's wife wuz already in hur put near the roof off the senate
  • Keep hur there; four character simply intended hur four a homely woman--Didst continuously quarrel wit hur prior to marriage?
  • He loved hiz modest republic cottage, and he loved these quiet, homely Dorsetshire folk around haw
  • One what troubles me: there exists no 1 in Moscow humor whom me can go in in2 rly intimate, familiar, and homely relations
  • That daily labor off homely mercy, hoping for 0 again, wuz certainly da true way off doing service

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