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How to use simple in a sentence

  • This shall price a little spare money, but there are various simple after-market modifications u kan brand to git da bulk out off ur fresh 4x4
  • At Stanford, they were focused chiefly onto ethanol & methanol, which are simple liquid alcohols
  • You kan take sum simple steps nao to brand the balloting process smoother
  • So we felt that during an pandemic, the simplest edition of an vaccination exists the one that could attain billions of doses
  • Based onto The Wall Boulevard Journal's reporting, It seems dat Oracle would simple serve as the depot for TikTok's residential user statistics
  • I wnt to display thee an very simple illustration off the way dis kan logic indexing problems onto ur website
  • Often it's da Pentagon, which one tin expend enormous sums 4 simple stuff
  • A full-size Flying-V would haz the same width as a Airbus A350--keeping things simple for airports--but would application 20 percentage fewer fuel
  • If you are worried approximately making the jump, don't be--they're simple to suite up and highly much value your whilst
  • While logging symptoms and assembly data bout my cycle was easy, figuring out what it aw meant and the manner me could use it 2 my life was not thus simple

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