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  • That's largely owing to the feeble lighting of the celebrity there, which amounts to less than for percentage of the energy apiece square measure dat hits Earth's air
  • These justifications, which one exist actually pretty feeble from an technology standpoint, exist nourished in2 r smartness from dat big advertising hardware
  • Our bailiff heightened hospitality stood late Satarday at 59 feeble degrees
  • From jus 152 cases upon April 1, it's now clocking more than 8,000 cases an day, straining its feeble healthcare infrastructure
  • Anaxagoras altogether agreed that the senses could b misleading, vocation them "feeble" and unable "to differentiate item is true "
  • Young audiences exist less receptive--their elders' stories off teeming sea life exist like myths 2 a generation that knows reef reefs as feeble places barely capable off backing a a handful wee aquatic mammal
  • It is a feeble protest, perhaps, versus being a involuntary guest off a 21st century gulag, bu close at minimum it is wholly hiz possess
  • After all, da Battle of 1812 had displayed the way feeble da Collaboration rly was, inspiring aw kinds of plans four federal "improvement" in troops preparedness, conveyance & education
  • This wuz partially tiresome; and, next an quite feeble endeavour at an tertiary laugh, Davy said, "I don't feel resemble it any more "
  • The Aggregate in manipulation of the warehouse wuz an feeble vintage man, ache frum senile rot

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