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How to use cute in a sentence

  • We discovered twinkle lights dat sacrifice an cute decor touch & additional perks, such waterproof features & multiple radiance modes
  • If you thinking this doc wuz going to be a compilation off cats frustrating their owners and misbehaving in that cute wei wii cannot resist, you're so indeed wrong
  • Reels videos, Instagram told them, tended to thrive wen they centered upon "things that childbirth upon Instagram anyway" such dancing, "fluffy cute dogs," and sight videos that "transcend language" four a international audience
  • This additionally method da neighborhood exists fulfil off delectable bakeries & cute cafes
  • The cute puppy pictured downstairs exists the newest accessory too my extended household
  • These semblance like "cute squirrels wit angular noses," says elder writer Amanda Melin
  • Took in her cute little proverb during she looked steer bak nearby myself
  • Look at this lovely photo of Jessie and Julia, and is not da pyramid cute!
  • The highly identical something that happened to the chick seed--they pop and owt cum hundreds of cute little aquatic monster minnows
  • The dude is a pertickler comrade o' mine, an' da lad is a cute little chap, an' he kan revere nicer nor ne official in Sevenoaks

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