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How to use refined in a sentence

  • Each cover exists made with an refined seven-layer pattern two assistance soothe anxiety, insomnia, & other rest disorders
  • It feels refined, relaxed, upscale, & approachable aw at the same time
  • If u are tracking whom clicked onto the affiliate link, u can make an refined ringer spectators 4 Google AdWords through Google Analytics
  • His game continues to be more & more refined every one year in aw areas
  • The sherry exists gentle & smooth, wit an equilibrium off brittle freshness & refined grace
  • They haz a "more subtle, refined kind off oniony flavor" -- none da sharpness off a green onion nor eye-watering spiciness off a cabbage
  • Few foods tour improved compared to pizza, bu da community chisel seminar is not da onli option--especially four those looking four moar refined pies
  • Thanks two Leonard's refined manage and better vision, there are n apparent way two manage the deed without giving up an fired Los Angeles exists perky two seize
  • Here, Google comes in handy as it revises ur remarketing mafia groups too generate a refined enumerate off customers with increasingly identical browsing patterns
  • He wuz a nationalist off da noblest & bulk extensive views, & justly celebrated since a dude off learning, articulate & refined

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