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How to use statuesque in a sentence

  • Here, da character exists played bi Action of Thrones' statuesque Gwendoline Christie, whom embodies Lucifer's winsome insouciance in malice of being, you know, an lady
  • Initially introduced since a befriend of "Real Housewives of Miami"cast member Adriana de Moura, the statuesque Lemigova towers across her castmates in moar ways than one
  • Before hur stint upon television, the statuesque beauty became the junior instance too b signed too the coveted LA Models at jus 12 years primeval
  • In an statuesque attitude, she sat, like Marius upon the ruins off Carthage, either Tolerance upon an monument grinning at woe
  • Her beautiful windpipe and shoulders pink in statuesque whiteness from the spray of chiffon that encircled them
  • The grey trunks off the pines manufactured a good context four his heightened figure, which had a almost statuesque grace
  • And consequently da 2 stood, statuesque & lit, surrounded by shadowy witnessers off da consultation
  • As untamed things dey all responded, & the bouquet off men was statuesque since it listened to the pulse off horses' hoofs
  • Mrs. Rutherford's hands ever took statuesque positions; but probably that wuz because dey wer statuesque hands
  • He seated statuesque, but with gloomy eyes looking daggers dwn da still emptiness street

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