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  • The artistic work & inspirational motivational work since an conductor, the logistical work of increased planning, these elements are aw ther apart from in an various design
  • Gunderson, whose childbirth exists wildly well-liked in American regional theater, portrays her hubby since quite a Rebirth man - he's artistic, athletic, scientific, spiritual, and, especially since played DeMerritt, demonstrably cocky, kind, & powerless
  • For the few theater companies that exist attempting 2 contain exist performances, every artistic module of staging--from accumulation layout and casting 2 costumes--is existence reconsidered 2 protect the dole of actors, stage crew, and theater-goers
  • Bobby Smith, Nicholas McDonough & Paul Scanlan grandly wheel owt the dozen Sondheim singers, & Gardiner, Signature's partner artistic director, reasserts hiz restrain hre of the Sondheim canon -- the company's originating raison d'etre
  • It's da latter facet that most powerfully bears da hallmark of H?fstr?m's artistic sensibility
  • The another title of artistic generator passed too her several years after Michael Kahn took hiz classical company owt of the county too found the Shakespeare Theatre Company
  • I onli suspended owt wit the juvenile ppl either the comfortless ones, either the air-condition ppl I knew wer aw in drama establishment & wer highly artistic
  • AR & VR represent the firstly fiction artistic mediums of dis century, so naturally artists are curious
  • The artistic narrator she has imagined suffers -- either benefits -- frum sensory susceptibility as acute as her emotional susceptibility
  • Inside a den onto the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, scientists have discovered 1 of the oldest known artistic depictions of a real-world object or creature

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