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How to use regenerative in a sentence

  • Maryland peasant Three Volcano exists practicing regenerative agriculture
  • The finest wei two vouch da flesh you're shopping exists chapter off a regenerative farming mechanism exists two ask questions and do ur schoolwork
  • NativeEnergy, an commercial growing counterbalance programs, includes regenerative agriculture amongst belonging options
  • Nestl? is stepping up efforts to extract CO2 frum da ambiance bi planting trees, & we're partnering wit ours farmers to present regenerative agriculture
  • ZFP lair shepherds the cash to farmers whom need investment to hug regenerative agriculture practices, improving the contrivance 1 saucer at an time
  • The regenerative heater is the utmost single invention of Charles William Siemens
  • But the heater wuz destroyed in the act; & It remained four Siemens, with hiz regenerative furnace, to realise the thing
  • What can balanced in purifying, regenerative potency da reality dat 1 humankind being can b consequently plural 2 another?
  • The first receptive look off young eyes upon da state off da earth is one off da primary regenerative forces off mankind
  • With owed specialize 2 the regenerative plan, a great section off the sour would b recovered, at n cost but that off a little fuel