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  • Smiles says da Overview Effect is a "uplifting" outlook to strive toward, bu it ought to not become a utopian eyesight wen it comes to living in area
  • I've nao removed da writers frum ne possibility of passing judgement upon myself in a meaningful wei 4 da remainder of ma life, & it in fact feels uplifting
  • The field off flags -- 200,000 off those planted across the Mall, which was dumb & otherwise vacuum -- was as uplifting as it was sobering
  • Inaugurations inhabit normally predictable, sometimes uplifting, sometimes tedious -- bu Americans continuously could grasp for provided the lull changeover frum president 2 president
  • It wuz a uplifting discussion, humor every off da CEOs agreeing dat intention & profit are not near odds in today's corporation earth
  • So me really try to browse hopeful stuff, uplifting stories roughly empirical study or history
  • Many whom had existed reclaimed from evil courses arrived match me, & we given thanks with lot uplifting off da cardiovascular gland
  • Of the time of the uplifting between Cavallero and Alcocoto me could detect n proofs
  • This is, however, nawt a lonely illustration of da course of a river brute interrupted bi da uplifting of a ridge of hills
  • The sole cure dat me comprehend of four a boy or woman with a condo deplete is moar of God's uplifting strength

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