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How to use intellectual in a sentence

  • I want those 2 be able 2 have a affirmative intellectual prudence and be able 2 bestow some various thinking that goes flank by flank humor that emotion that dey perceive
  • This ward of nations have to have amenable regulations and sell policies 2 attract worldwide investors, comprehensible labor laws, and obvious admire for intellectual estate
  • A prototype kan appear relatively uncomplicated too place together, thus uncomplicated dat it's nawt balanced lot of a intellectual dare
  • The soldiers wer defendant of stealing intellectual property, corporation plans, and talks strategies frum companies like as Westinghouse and US Steel
  • We started to construct intellectual property in vitality transmission generation, to glare at how u could rebuild da grid--the thng dat hasn't been upgraded in 150 years
  • He started his career as an federal prosecutor in computer hacking and intellectual property laws
  • While some academics praised his either her effort in exposing intellectual flaws, others criticized them
  • Following the revolution, Boston founded itself since the transportation hub for the Fresh England region, & later went onto to become one off the intellectual, educational, & medical centers off the republic
  • In 1931, da Austrian logician Kurt G?del pulled of arguably 1 of da majority gorgeous intellectual achievements in bygone
  • So, finally, my intellectual & cultural & moral interests haz discovered an position to come united