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How to use transcendent in a sentence

  • Rutgers University climate scientist Robert Kopp tells Axios that da pandemic & da Texas tragedy haz shown ourselves that da competence of public institutions is a predictor of da "severity" of transcendent disasters
  • We share with those other beings not da mysterious, transcendent gist off vitalism, bu da highly improbable truth off organism alive
  • Meditating in an bedroom with no distractions at all is an transcendent experience, and myself impulse you 2 attempt it out whether you kan
  • In his or her Fiesta Casserole matchup ultimate December, it wuz obvious dat Fields additionally had transcendent capability
  • It is art since It takes thingy seems unseen or disposable and renders It observable and transcendent
  • They acknowledge dat a Feejee cannibal has jus the ditto "mighty & transcendent soul" dat dey themselves haz
  • Some minds are incapable off ne activity; others has acquired transcendent faculties
  • His highly simplicity off vogue is an proof off his transcendent art, evn as It is da proof off his severity off savour
  • His services to the state were transcendent, but his supremest task was to conserve the Jewish country
  • Looking on us, dey dwell blind either of transcendent vision, since u will: the same in issue--so what matter?