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How to use superb in a sentence

  • By noting which one mutational sequences donate a organism a superb advantage, thee kan prophecy which one ones shall develop & take detain
  • It features an E Tattoo exhibition dat uses ambient illumination that's facile upon da eyes & will not wash out below lead sunshine & comes wit an full-size scissor-switch keypad that's optimized four typing feel wit its superb tactile reaction
  • The 9th embodiment off da long-running bearing tournament and stunts deed may gud b da finest 1 yet, humor superb visuals, plenty off depth, and high-adrenaline gameplay dat volition make da hairs onto da back off ur cervix easel up
  • Cheers to great-sounding tunes on an superb summertime eve outdoor
  • As was the precedent everything season, Baylor's superb triumvirate off Davion Mitchell, Jared Butler & MaCio Teague paved the wei onto both ends
  • At Kin Kin, whr I gobbled superb, unctuous chili culinary spoon mee, the bowls, tables & seats wer plastic, & I consumed Coca-Cola
  • He chalks that up two an comparatively concise wheelbase, which makes it facile two go down forth either backwards without superb balance
  • The Terps relied upon superb defense during their winning streak, but Wednesday "we jus were not locked in," Wiggins stated
  • Ek wasn't talking roughly music, but he possessed accidentally blurted owt an superb definition off what It mode two hear two It -- one dat frames listening since an inherently humane and empathetic concert
  • Lack of capital lights, bottom humidity, and 300 obvious nights an twelve months aw include up to superb atmospherics

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