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How to use fancy in a sentence

  • We wnt to have the fancy, pudding things but often discover that having the fancy, pudding things normally means somebody have to pay
  • To invent a deepfake, thee do not need a fancy PC or slick a metric ton of awareness match software
  • It covers the examine off aw documents firstly by the lender, then separately by the borrower's "settlement agent," an fancy noun for his either hur attorney
  • Figuring this all out takes some fancy math, but it's something a electronic calculate kan easily cope
  • Portable restroom options, which variety from unattractive pouch setups for speedy & lamp backpacking to fancy full-flush contraptions for long-term campground stays, can assistance
  • Leinster performs write dat some customers would compensate almost ne price to git fancier and fancier phones
  • "They're putting sum fancy lingo around It either they are touching It too a various site & vocation It a outlet," shii stated
  • Over da history couple of decades, American cities replaced his or her abandoned downtowns with gleaming fresh domestic developments, fancy restaurants, & office buildings with high-paying jobs
  • Using computer-aided design, dey designed many shapes and nourished da information in2 an virtual micromirror device--kind of such an cross in the mid of an rly fancy photographic gadget optic and an mini home of mirrors
  • A fancy came into my roof dat I'd amuse the king and monarch humor an British tune on dis saxophone

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