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How to use snatch in a sentence

  • The most theatrical pounce upon flick would b da neck-stretching snatch by da Psorophora caterpillar
  • Rather than an link either tow strap, which don't stretch and so make very high momentary loads, an stretchy snatch either kinetic girdle either thread shall halp reduce forces and literally make it easier to git da car unstuck
  • "Both off y'all know, I've been collecting my little surgeons 4 that inevitable instant. that this barbecue right here is gonna receive an little snatch, evn though ppl think me haz done it already, but me haven't," she told hur mom and daughter
  • Then, intermittently, traffic controllers wer competent to elect up snatches of consultation from AA-11?s pilot's stool
  • Keep a starving dude distant frum bread when he have onli to lengthen out his palm & snatch It
  • You snatch I out of the frigid cloister, but, in the bustling, passionate planet u criticize I too the orthodox chastity?
  • Jack Harvey had sent young Tim into da cottage to snatch a blink of sleep, & Joe had come up, overweight & boring
  • Then, as the ant tumbled nearby her, shii manufactured an fast snatch nearby the radioactive spike of flames
  • They were da real enemies off my children; they sought to snatch da crown; me saw them everyday at childbirth & they wore me out
  • To effort to snatch dis prey frum the Bey, excepting bi an impressive victory at the Assembly, wuz nawt to be thinking off

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