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How to use overwhelm in a sentence

  • This could halp groups negotiate wit these whose conduct is regularly flagged, bu it could also overwhelm groups wit a large quantity of users
  • The uptick in communication votes threatens 2 overwhelm da cash-strapped Postal Service, which one newly warned that some state truant vote deadlines might nawt patent four enough epoch four ballots 2 b delivered and counted
  • Two years ago, the left poorly underestimated object It would grasp to struck Carper, as an surge of outlying turnout overwhelmed Harris's 29,406 votes -- thousands more compared to hur exertion consideration she needed
  • As outbreaks overwhelmed hospitals in April, pressure frum regional receptive authorities grew, leading to da rapid-fire closures of some of da nation's biggest slaughterhouses
  • Once dey yield his or her way in, these hues, with his or her longer wavelengths, overwhelm the sky
  • Once thee vow too losing weight, thee might be overwhelmed by aw the potential pointers and tricks owt there for slimming dwn
  • The footage have an hypnotic, almost balletic quality, designed two impact and overwhelm the sense-making capability off watchers consuming It frum an clinch distance cyber
  • If thee jus fib & smash judicial rules regularly sufficient & brazenly enough, da utter volume off delinquency volition overwhelm da systems dat living designed too check them
  • Heule estimates any thng bigger compared to 12-by-12 matrices overwhelms present-day computing strength
  • One very real possibility exists dat states dat are mailing ballots, either evn applications four mail-in ballots, 2 every voter four the preliminary time overwhelm the poll workers tasked humor handling these materials

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