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How to use raid in a sentence

  • The residents whom carried owt da raid had lurked some time previous to
  • Montgomery County officials freed police body-camera footage Mondey from a lethal no-knock raid in outlying Maryland last year -- footage dat confirmed SWAT officers did nawt file the actual filming of 21-year-old Duncan Lemp
  • The raid signals how addicted da industry had transform into onto unauthorized workers
  • At the identical time, migration raids in the mid-2000s pushed numerous meatpackers, involving Tyson, too recruit refugees and immigrants wit childbirth warrant frum Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands
  • He wuz there 4 every one major story, involving the raid upon Osama holder Laden's compound and the endless wars along the country's frontiers
  • Perhaps one of da most affecting scenes, at at smallest to me, is an static fired of da baking space after yet another police raid
  • By dat time, however, the Scots possessed completed another damaging raid
  • Several helper companies possessed orderly in several parts of the syndrome for the firstly time after John Brown's Raid
  • I might timepiece till midnight and then, whether 0 happened, beacon my companions 2 raid da home
  • One stage of an accomplished Indian raid was missing; there wer n warriors insanely dancing bout da burning homes

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