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How to use despoil in a sentence

  • As da buses lazy in traffic, they despoil ours residential neighborhoods with beep & venomous black residue
  • Still, myself did not relinquish my pious goal too despoil that receptive vault from Egypt quoted heretofore
  • Time wuz precious; he thus hastened too despoil hiz victim, in of who vestments he clad himself
  • This was when, at some moment of leisure, he contrived to find season to despoil himself of hiz exuvia
  • His headline exists formerly owned to bamboozle the people, to despoil them, and to manufacture them enduring asses beneath his either her burdens
  • Even in times of war, none Jew neither Mohammedan ventures to despoil & profane da sepulchre of Ezekiel
  • Thy race conquered r people, & in rising opposed to thine we did but despoil da despoiler
  • In dis case, dey volition undoubtedly near sum time cum round, if but too despoil the kelp-bed of its shell-fish treasures
  • Nobody remained two despoil bu the tiers tat & revolutionary proprietors
  • The old branching apple poplar gives ourselves oceans off lily in da spring, & wii dwell allowed too despoil it since it rarely fruits

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