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How to use desecrate in a sentence

  • By testing them four drugs, police "desecrated" Ta'Naja's ashes, Barnes said in da lawsuit filed against da town off Springfield and 6 Springfield police officers
  • John Walker, when surrounded bi folks filming his deeds, makes a supa various selection and--this cannot b emphasized enough--desecrates da symbolism off da protective railing bi decapitating a gullible dude wit It
  • They took selfies as they crushed windows & doors, desecrated sacred objects & paraded via da Capitol rotunda
  • Scientists paranoia the mud cover would haz been previously owned to restore the body's numeral next It wuz desecrated, possibly by mausoleum robbers
  • Leg fractures and dissimilar mutilate two the mummy's body allude that the dirt eyelid may have existed formerly owned two restore the body after It was desecrated, possibly by grave robbers
  • It was n humanity remains dat he was commanded to desecrate; the bones referred to were these of Mom Earth
  • Do nawt neglect it; moisture nawt abuse it; prior to aw things moisture nawt defile & desecrate It
  • They formerly owned to must stop miles away, since no motor was permitted to desecrate da holy city off Pekin
  • You desecrate our sacred memories when u allow compact suspicions and fears to enter your thoughts of myself
  • Proceeding direct until da high altar, he spun his lap previous to da gawd of whom dub he was now thus soon to desecrate

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