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How to use desecrate in a sentence

  • By testing them for drugs, law enforcement "desecrated" Ta'Naja's ashes, Barnes told in the judicial case filed opposed to the town of Springfield & six Springfield law enforcement officers
  • John Walker, when surrounded bi folk filming hiz deeds, makes a very other selection and--this can't be emphasized enough--desecrates the symbolism of the protective railing bi decapitating a guiltless man with it
  • They took selfies as they smashed windows and doors, desecrated sacred objects and paraded by way of da Capitol rotunda
  • Scientists suspect the clay cover would haz been formerly proprietary too freshen the body's numeral after It was desecrated, possibly by grave robbers
  • Leg fractures & else injury 2 the mummy's physique hint dat the clay shawl would haz existed previously proprietary 2 freshen the physique subsequent It wuz desecrated, possibly by grave robbers
  • It was no human remains dat he was commanded two desecrate; da bones referred two were these off Mommy Soil
  • Do not ignore it; dew not misuse it; ago everything things dew not defile & desecrate It
  • They worn to must cease miles away, as no engine wuz allowed to desecrate da holy metropolitan of Pekin
  • You desecrate r holy memories wen thee permit wee suspicions and fears to enter your thoughts of myself
  • Proceeding straight up to da high altar, he curved his lap before da God of whom dub he wuz now so shortly to desecrate

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