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How to use desolate in a sentence

  • Nothing beats hauling ur truckload of blend coolers & swollen mattresses & bending chairs & half-cord of divide perpetual oak into da hinterland & scene up an costless campsite upon total desolate segment of ground & proceeding too do nothing for an a few days
  • I haz to shut ma eyes to image the way desolate ma neighborhood looked last year, wit most everything closed & da near-constant wail of ambulances in da context
  • This 1 sits high atop an desolate moor overlooking Maud's coast town and its sleek bleaker inexpensive carnival ambiance
  • The actual disaster off Ethan Winters is dat despite the game's every exertion to depict him since an desolate boat 4 the player, hiz dogged, dumb persistence finally permitted an portion off himself to stab through
  • The novel, a massive clout on contemporary zombie horror, straits Atomic Epoch issue by depicting previously bustling neighborhoods as recently desolate
  • The desolate climate of the Arctic have historically made it a place of little economic significance
  • Philip Welsh's easy lyf hampers frisk four his killer Profound within a desolate courthouse, 12 jurors perform civic obligation during the pandemic
  • The desolate advertising market have presented an tragedy for publishers across da media scenery
  • I didn't know it wuz ther until one night, wen myself wuz sitting in da passenger armchair & he drawn of on an desolate exit of Interstate 280
  • When she heard It ther came prior to her imaginary da numeral off an dude repute alongside an desolate flint on da coastline

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