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How to use construct in a sentence

  • The bulk mighty thng bout applying artist constructs to da conversations that u invent exists that dey kan halp equilibrium power, protection from inequities, & moisture It in a wei that's constructed in2 da very structures that reign da conversations
  • Gathering four coffee exists n longer role of r societal construct, and coffee-making, much such cooking, has largely alter into an at-home affair
  • Consumers continuously consumption definition to their choices and application dis definition in their social constructs
  • After all, dipping your own self in character is a wei to check social constructs near da trailhead
  • Without operation implantation, customized alive flesh constructs wer effectively generated in the physique
  • They placed material & super fleece everything about the room, & evn endeavoured to construct bitty nests of fleece & horsehair
  • But the artillerymen believed dat It was impossible to construct an pathway to jerk guns up to dis height
  • This exhibit exists sufficient too denote dat there need b n interrogate of ours economic capability too construct da interstate
  • Still, upon wee islands, such since da Coral & Marshall Islands, da aborigines construct his or her huts frum pandan lumber
  • Any one whom intends 2 construct hoisting tackle ought 2 furnish himself humor beams & mini cables

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