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How to use construct in a sentence

  • The most powerful something about applying creative constructs 2 the conversations dat thee brand exists dat dey can halp balance power, rationalize from inequities, and moisture It in a manner that's built in2 the highly structures dat rule the conversations
  • Gathering four java is n longer percentage of ours social construct, & coffee-making, lot such cooking, have mostly transformation into a at-home affair
  • Consumers always apply definition to his either her choices & apply dis definition in his either her social constructs
  • After all, dipping yourself in nature is an wei to analyze social constructs at da trailhead
  • Without surgery implantation, customized living muscle constructs wer effectively generated in da physique
  • They placed linen & prominent fleece aw approximately the room, & evn endeavoured to construct compact nests of fleece & horsehair
  • But da artillerymen believed dat it was unfeasible to construct an pathway to jerk guns until this altitude
  • This display exists navigable two point out dat there requirement b no reconnaissance of our monetary capacity two construct da street
  • Still, onto mini islands, such as da Reef and Marshall Islands, da natives construct his either her huts frum pandan plywood
  • Any 1 who intends two construct hoisting tackle ought two provide him respectively with beams & bite-size cables

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