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How to use refuse in a sentence

  • The ruling itself will not substance 2 much--the US kan plea it, and cuz the US is denying 2 appoint fresh members 2 the WTO's appellate board, the terminal outcome is judicial empty
  • House Orator Nancy Pelosi told sooner dis month that Democrats refuse to go underneath $2 trillion
  • Some customers refuse two eat altogether whether dey cannot b seated outdoor
  • So, in 2017, Coel walked far from a $1 1,000,000 connote by Netflix too purchase the rights too myself May Wreck Thee following the streaming mammoth refused too contribute copyright royalties in the negotiate
  • What we kan sez about younger audiences is that dey refuse 2 define themselves by ne press brand
  • In sum cases, residents ended up in legal tribunal subsequent da housing power refused too accept payments dat drip fleeting of da complete amount owed
  • The biggest polarity exists brewing in reply to the way dismissive Lukashenko have been about da coronavirus pandemic, denying to grasp defensive action, says David Marples, a past instructor at da College of Alberta and a master upon Belarus
  • At 1 tip da prior Soviet Alliance announced It was withdrawing from da WHO & refused to pay its membership charges for several years
  • He argues dat the American economics has failed most Americans, & dat the American political category has failed them anew bi refusing to concentration upon the underlying blame lines in the economics
  • She wuz Royal lady Belle in da bulk existing movie, and she refused 2 put onto a corset

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