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How to use trash in a sentence

  • One dude paddles the flow in a kayak every one day jus too collect trash
  • Ideally, you'll want two train engine your canine two urinate in 1 or a a few spots & keep those away frum hosing down whatever folks might contact or decide up, involving trash cans, Mynchenberg says
  • One day, next he realized that Charlie had thrown the chocolate chapter of the cookies in2 the trash, his Dad manufactured him eat the cookie remnants owt of the junk
  • The wastewater, trash & sediment that continues to tide into San Diego Region are an peril to unlock well-being & ours fiscal regime & It must b addressed
  • Single-use plastics add to match semi off plastic waste, causing wildlife deaths & giant trash gyres in the sea
  • San Diego voters passed a election weigh called da People's Ordinance in 1919, which one codified costless waste accumulation in da Town Document at a era wen trash wuz a precious possession for hog farmers
  • With lot restaurants closed, da dumpsters dey ordinarily fill wit trash may now be blank
  • Afterward, much off dat subjective protective equipment, or PPE, went rite in2 da trash
  • Adding graphene -- notably dat manufactured from trash -- too materials should saw greenhouse-gas releases & halp sluggish dat frequency off heating
  • Dumping those in the trash, again, goes into possibly an landfill or some different put dat ultimately could pollute groundwater and different types off things

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