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How to use blast in a sentence

  • The blasts den feisty those isotopes away before another molecular reactions could wreck those
  • She's a lady able of returning a male player's 138 mph serve wit a blast four a victor
  • They can outcome frum a variety off causes, involving bomb blasts, sleek though research heavily suggests that rotational fuel frequent plays a major part
  • At a unit, the odor chemicals are lair shuttled in2 the slits using blasts of nitrogen air
  • Perhaps bulk excitingly, specialized observatories buried deep subterranean captured coy subatomic particles called neutrinos flowing out of the blast
  • There's a societal aspect too Dust, in which one u tin acquire followers & dispatch out blasts, bu u do not haz too engage humor ne off dat whether you're onli curious in using its messaging characteristic
  • This wedge ought be a blast, and it will depend entirely upon da lay you pick
  • The prefecture around the blast website remained sealed off since agents worked his either her manner inwards from the outermost perimeter off the infringement scene
  • The sea was a lil coarse but no-one was concerned, we were aw drinking away, possessing a blast
  • A unexpectedly sunny stellar blast may haz marked the nativity of an magnetar

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