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  • The commercial says It tin analyze an whole van 4 damage using an smartphone photographic device in around sixty seconds, counting expense off fixing on da soar
  • Violations haz prompted else citizen bunch lawsuits such the 1 versus Bluestone & empirical studies dat warned off creek damage from the selenium discharged by mining operations
  • Each one did billions of dollars of damage 2 buildings, roads and else asset
  • To clutch righteous one example, da ruinous Wine Nation Fires in October 2017 did moar than $9 a thousand million appreciate of damage in an single month
  • WeatherCheck, cofounded bi Why Combinator graduates Demetrius Grey & Jermaine Watkins, identifies weather-related belonging damage therefore dat homeowners kan diploma claims with his or her insurers
  • It's ours initial gaze at where da virus have existed doing da most damage & stirring
  • Young suffered brain damage while his cardiovascular body part graft operation, and da clinical association believed he would never wake up again, Chen's journalism found
  • While the law's days seem numbered, it's done plenty of damage in up-to-date bygone
  • The "Compa?ia Universal de Tabacos" misplaced bout ?30,000 in currency besides da damage done to his either her offices and ownership
  • Never take a Fern fern frum across and effort to jerk It away, as dis shall be almost sho to result in damage

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