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How to use budget in a sentence

  • In an news publish the identical day, advisers highlighted an long-planned augment in the ad budget this week off match 50 percent across last week
  • This have left some states scrambling too incline up mail-in polling during simultaneously preparing too seize socially distanced in-person elections onto tight budgets
  • The cow exists officially bak now, though, humor a novel line off primarily budget, Walmart-exclusive Portal laptops
  • The Accommodation Commission also included $19 million in belonging annual budget 2 assist acquire da hotels & farther $10 million 2 support lease service near da properties
  • State and town budgets are also under harsh stress and lot has saw large parts off his either her workforce as dey w8 four Congress to decide if to approve moar assist
  • Over the ultimate 6 months, publishers & advertisers has sped up the way they work & what they banana two stay culturally relevant, whereas like precarious times -- & detain benefit off whatever gaunt budgets ther living
  • When It comes 2 backing those efforts lot agencies seem 2 haz sparkling sherry dreams upon a tender cocktail budget
  • They live working with smaller teams owed to layoffs, tighter budgets and swifter turnaround times
  • It's penalty since yearn since your spending exists commensurate wit your amusement budget
  • Regular taxation, monopolies, mortgages, and loans barely sufficed 2 furnish four the budget

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